Kegiatan Pervious concrete

Perkerasan Kaku

Pervious paving play an important role in the context of integrated water management, because they limit as much as possible the risk of flooding, enter other keeping water on site as long as possible. With a total concept of permeability of the soil to the surface, the rainwater is stored temporarily, preferably in the subgrade. Pervious pavements are used as infiltration and storage car parks, squares, roads with limited traffic, bike paths, etc.. 

The main causes of flooding are limited sewer capacity and roads water and the increase of urban impervious surfaces and coated.An important step in the fight against flooding, overloading drainage systems or in the operation of weirs is the decoupling of rainwater via temporary storage and infiltration. If, in the case of new coatings, it is possible to store and infiltrate on site rainwater, environmental pollution and overload due to heavy showers will be greatly reduced. 


Resistivity Meter for Concrete

Function :

Assesses damaging corrosion currents in concrete, readout of resistivity, Measuring from two small holes, Assesses Concrete Resistivity

Chlorimeter chloride field test system

Function :

  1. Determines chloride concentrations of concrete and other construction material samples in the field
  2. to determine the chloride ion concentration in wet or dry concrete, and other construction materials.
Corrosion Cor-MapII

Function :

Advanced system for corrosion potential data acquisition and analysis, identify areas of probable corrosion in the field, Locate corroding steel reinforcement